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Statement of Faith

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Hillcrest Chapel stands for a full belief in the great doctrines of orthodox Christianity, which are taught in the Holy Scriptures and enshrined in the historic creeds of Christianity. Foremost among these is the belief in God as the Trinity in unity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This naturally and inevitably carries with it belief in the real and essential Godhead of Jesus Christ as well as His real manhood, and in the personality and Divinity of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that our salvation is affected through the obedience and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God: we are perfectly accepted as soon as we believe in Him. But we have confidence and joyful communion with God only as we are walking obediently to the principles and commands of Christ. The Holy Spirit - Giver of spiritual life to God's elect - is calling us out from the flesh and the world and from the pursuits of time to an inheritance in Heaven, and to glory to be bestowed by the Lord Jesus. Accordingly we are looking for the return of the Lord Jesus from Heaven - the consummation of this present age of the Gospel and the Church and the beginning of the era of judgement. And we affectionately and earnestly urge our fellow-sinners everywhere to flee from the wrath to come. "Behold NOW is the acceptable time; behold NOW is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians vi. 2)

G.H. Ramsay
W.J. Dalby

March. 1936